mycobacteria mycobacteria


  1. (n) rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases
  2. (n) rod-shaped bacteria some saprophytic or causing diseases



  • Several doctors report that more and more of their NTM patients are infected with so-called rapid growers--mycobacteria that are particularly destructive and hard to treat.


  • Mycobacteria get all the advantages of sex with none of the downsides

    ( Public Library of Science ) Sexual reproduction is costly to organisms that depend on it, like humans. In contrast, bacteria reproduce by asexual reproduction, which is more efficient but doesn't allow genomic mixing, making them vulnerable to environmental change. A new report published July 9 in the open access journal PLOS Biology describes a process by which mycobacteria gain the best of ...
    on July 10, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!

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