musketry musketry


  1. (n) musketeers and their muskets collectively
  2. (n) the technique of using small arms (especially in battle)


  1. Cannon balls crashed in; the sound of musketry seldom died.
  2. A ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence this week was accompanied by a triple volley of musketry and ended with a loud chorus of student cheers.
  3. Fortnight ago the border villages blazed with fire and the banging of musketry.


  • Old Time Musketry has jazz spirit, unique sound

    Brooklyn-based band Old Time Musketry will perform music that blends the spirit of jazz with folk and rock at 9:30 p.m. Monday at the Black Sparrow. There is no cover.
    on August 9, 2013     Source: Journal & Courier


  • "British infantry already had a reputation for lining up in serried ranks to deliver huge amounts of musketry," says Dan. "But Wellesley did it better than it had ever been done before."
    on Aug 3, 2008 By: Dan Snow Source:

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