music of the spheres music of the spheres


  • (n) an inaudible music that Pythagoras thought was produced by the celestial


  1. They are creatures who--in their grudge against traditional religion as the 'opium of the masses'-- cannot hear the music of the spheres.
  2. While even the biggest figures no doubt possess meaning, it is impossible not to suspect that many casually circulated numbers might as well be the music of the spheres.
  3. The Copernican epicycles turn out to be circus rings, and the vast music of the spheres comes down to the delicious noise of appetite rubbing against humor.


  • Daniel Hope's Earth And Sky Expedition

    Watch the celebrated violinist play music of the spheres amid twinkling lights with jazz bassist Ben Allison. Hope ponders the cosmos, bringing together music and time, with works by composers from different centuries who might not always be found, he says, "in the same galaxy."
    on August 21, 2013     Source: NPR

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