muscadine muscadine


  1. (n) native grape of southeastern United States; origin of many cultivated varieties
  2. (n) dull-purple grape of southern United States



  1. It could be that the South's muscadine grape is inherently horrifying or just that people who drink sweet tea should not make wine.
  2. Born in Kent, in 1633, he became coxswain and gunner aboard merchantmen whose loads ranged from Newfoundland cod to indigo, currants and muscadine wine.
  3. French Huguenot settlers fermented juice from Florida's native muscadine grapes as early as 1565.


  • Meet The Native: Muscadine

    Muscadine is another one of those plants highly associated with the Southwest Florida landscape, although it is considered rare in most of the...
    on July 21, 2013     Source: The News-Press

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