mufti mufti


  1. (n) a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law
  2. (n) civilian dress worn by a person who is entitled to wear a military uniform


  1. However, in rural communities, a well-respected mufti's fatwa on issues ranging from marriage to health to women's rights can carry considerable influence.
  2. The mufti knows that if the Saudis don't get out of the suicide bombing business, it will come back to bite them.
  3. This follows assassinations during the past 30 years, leaders of thought, editors, politicians, clergymen, the grand mufti, the Druze mufti.


  • Nile Dam politics: Egypt, Ethiopian officials meet

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The foreign ministers of Egypt and Ethiopia are meeting in Addis Ababa in an effort to defuse tensions over a huge dam Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile River. Dina Mufti, a spokesman for the Ethiopia's foreign ministry, says Ethiopia wants Egypt to understand that the dam is not going to harm Egypt "in any way." The two ministers had a news conference scheduled for ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Boston Herald


  • "The imams board, which was formed as a result of a reference group recommendation, has now taken over the decisions about the position of mufti. That imams board has a large number of imams from all over Australia making a decision about this...
    on Apr 7, 2007 By: Keysar Trad Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

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