mudskipper mudskipper


  • (n) found in tropical coastal regions of Africa and Asia; able to move on land on strong pectoral fins


  1. Saving the Mudskipper From the Bulldozer BY FRANK GIBNEYISAHAYA BAY, JAPAN When you see a mudskipper wriggling between puddles and dunking its chocolate head deep into the cool .
  2. How about the racquet-tailed drongo, and the mudskipper, a hippopotamus-shaped fish that likes to skitter across mud flats and climb mangrove roots?.


  • The evolution of fins to limbs in the land invasion race

    ( Society for Experimental Biology ) Why did animals with limbs win the race to invade land over those with fins? A new study comparing the forces acting on fins of mudskipper fish and on the forelimbs of tiger salamanders can now be used to analyze early fossils that spanned the water-to-land transition in tetrapod evolution, and further understand their capability to move on land.
    on July 6, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!

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