muckraker muckraker  /ˈmə ˌkreɪ kər/


  • (n) one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)


  1. One is the turn-of-the-century muckraker Jacob Riis, who saw New York City as a social problem to be solved.
  2. Troy's strength as a muckraker rests not in his prose but in his grasp of Oklahoma affairs and his vigor in finding new facts.
  3. The crusading muckraker, the flamboyant expatriate, the dedicated brain-trusterall these convenient tags are gone.


  • 'Super Size Me' director Spurlock goes a new way with 'One Direction: This Is Us'

    Aug. 29--Morgan Spurlock is the muckraker (or Mac-raker) behind 2004's Oscar-nominated "Super Size Me," in which he personally absorbed the effects of an all-McDonald's diet, and 2011's "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," an expose of product placement that was finance d partly by product placement.
    on August 29, 2013     Source:

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  1. "I didn't start out to be a muckraker," Seaman says. "My goal was simply to try and give women plain facts that would help them to make their own decisions, so they wouldn't have to rely on authority figures."
    on Oct 24, 2005 By: Barbara Seaman Source: Reform Judaism

  2. "It is as though it was a piece of shit by some adolescent muckraker," says Honderich. "But anyway, with that he was the first to insult me in print."
    on Dec 21, 2007 By: Ted Honderich Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. The 53 year-old Sliwa, still dressed in his adolescent red beret and jacket, asked in his overheated, hyperbolic shout, "I think the more important thing is, who is the muckraker getting this up? Larry Flynt is focused totally on Republicans: He...
    on Jul 11, 2007 By: Curtis Sliwa Source: News Hounds (blog)

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