motorless motorless


  • (adj) having no motor



  1. Now, on the one precarious road to the West still open to the Western powers, jeeps and buses bounce over ten miles of a cobblestone detour, push onto a creeping, motorless ferry.
  2. While all motorless flight is technically gliding, there is a popular distinction between gliding and soaring.
  3. A soapbox racer is a gravity-powered, motorless car of simple construction.


  • Family Fun Night at Motorsports Club

    DETAILS: On Family Fun Nights/Motorless Nights one of the park’s two world-class road courses will be open to bicyclists, runners and strollers. F1 Karting will also be open for Family Fun Night, for participants ages 14 and older. Fee is $40 for 3 sessions and $20 for 10 minutes.
    on July 5, 2013     Source: Daily Journal


  • "There are too few places in the Adirondacks where paddlers can experience the tranquility of a motorless water body," Commissioner Grannis said. "With the increasing popularity of paddling, DEC wants to explore the possibility of expanding...
    on Jun 3, 2008 By: Alexander Pete Grannis Source: ReadMedia (press release)

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