moisten moisten  /ˈmɔ ɪ sən/


  1. (v) make moist
  2. (v) moisten with fine drops


Derived Word(s)


  1. Other decks contained trick cards that American POWs could moisten, pull apart and arrange into a map of escape routes out of Germany.
  2. Voters had to return several times to the registration desk in order to moisten their stamp and mark their ballots.
  3. And moisten at his love poems to Frances.


  • Recent rainfall helps agriculture in time of need

    It’s days like this that most farmers live for. Dark clouds covering the sky and plenty of rainfall to moisten their crops. A combination they don’t see very often.
    on July 18, 2013     Source: KVII 7 Amarillo


  1. "The album is being launched on the eve of the holy month of Ramzan. Perhaps this might act as an antidote for the pain people are suffering due to flood, earthquakes and bomb blasts. My eyes moisten whenever I remember that God has been protecting...
    on Aug 31, 2008 By: Daler Mehndi Source: Hindu

  2. "It will be the vampire national anthem," says Manson. "Black panties all across the world will moisten at the sound of my voice."
    on Sep 25, 2006 By: Marilyn Manson Source: 93X.COM

  3. "Yes, Shammi aunty and I were stuck in my car for 15 hours without food, sleep and barely enough water to moisten our lips," Asha Parekh told IANS, still in disbelief over the experience.
    on Aug 1, 2005 By: Asha Parekh Source:

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