merited merited  /ˈmɛ rɪ tɪd/


  • (adj) properly deserved


  1. But Pitt's pro bono work as a grieving, angry husband in Babel merited an Oscar nod.
  2. For one thing, they say, the mere fact that the program apparently merited Cheney's close attention should have been a red flag.
  3. The name-calling is fun and, to some extent, merited.


  1. Hillary Clinton called McCaskill after endorsement

    (CNN) – An early endorsement this week for a 2016 presidential run by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton merited a phone call from the potential candidate, according to Sen. Claire McCaskill. Clinton made the call after the senator's Tuesday announcement that she was endorsing a political action committee pushing a presidential run. "She did […]
    on June 20, 2013     Source: CNN Political Ticker

  2. Why Did Lululemon’s CEO Really Leave?

    Lululemon's sheer-pants scandal is ancient history in fashion years by now, and many still believe it got way more attention than it merited to begin with. (Was it truly necessary for them to fire their CPO afterwards? We still think they should've sold that batch of see-through pants at a ... More »
    on June 19, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

  3. Kowalik on Dean’s List

    Heather Kowalik MARK WALTON | COURTESY PHOTO Heather Kowalik, a freshman at University of the Incarnate Word merited the Dean’s List for the 2012-13 fall and spring semesters. She is a psychology major.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Pleasanton Express


  1. "There was a fantastic attitude from all the Portugal players. They were great in how they tried to play their football and how they fought," he added. "It's a qualification for the next round that is fully merited and now we have to think...
    on Jun 25, 2010 By: Carlos Queiroz Source: National Post

  2. Strauss said: "I didn't feel he merited having a runner. My personal view is you shouldn't get a runner for cramps."
    on Sep 27, 2009 By: Andrew Strauss Source: TeleText

  3. "I thought he merited it at the time, and we've since, I think, patched over that wound and we're civil to one another now," Cheney said in the interview.
    on Dec 21, 2008 By: Vice President Dick Cheney Source: FOXNews

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