mechanize mechanize  /ˈmɛ kə ˌnaɪz/


  1. (v) equip with armed and armored motor vehicles
  2. (v) make monotonous; make automatic or routine
  3. (v) make mechanical



  1. With Foley's he plans to test his newest theory that department stores must mechanize or operating costs will zoom when the current abnormal volume falls off.
  2. Chen's critics, while accusing him of backwardness and fraud, took only a year or two to turn China's big fields into noodle-like strips, too narrow to mechanize.
  3. Efforts have been made to mechanize the reaping of both cotton and sugar.

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  • Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman says about the minimum wage, "Minimum wage laws cost jobs. Employers cut out, or mechanize, jobs that are not worth the minimum rate to them. Worst affected are the inexperienced young people, those with poor...
    on Mar 17, 2005 By: Milton Friedman Source: Jewish World Review

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