meagre meagre


  • (adj) deficient in amount or quality or extent



  1. Six years ago a sadly disillusioned French girl packed her meagre belongings, said a bitter good-by to New York, took the first boat home.
  2. The genius of free wills has been so stifled by the oppression of dictatorship that Germany's output of poetry, prose, music, philosophy,art has been meagre indeed.
  3. As for the pigs, they looked very meagrestarved-looking.


  1. VCs may snub life sciences, but VentureHealth hopes crowdfunding platform will spark new interest

    As life science funding slows to meagre trickle, VentureHealth is trying to speed it back up. VentureHealth has launched its online equity crowdfunding platform for life sciences companies. It provides accredited investors with opportunities to invest in innovative medical technology that ultimately save lives and improve patient care. “Ultimately we hope that this model could [...]
    on June 13, 2013     Source: MedCity News

  2. Emerging Market Rout Spells Opportunity

    The investor love affair with emerging markets is quickly fading. For much of the past decade, emerging markets - Asia being the largest - were the place to be, offering explosive growth compared to the meagre offerings of the developed world. The trend spawned sexy acronyms such as BRICs, numerous indices to try to capture the growth and, of course, dedicated emerging market equity and bond ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "It's a very meagre program and I think it takes totally for granted the farmers in the flood area," Lingenfelter said, adding the NDP will continue to push for more aid dollars.
    on Jul 9, 2010 By: Dwain Lingenfelter Source: StarPhoenix

  2. "The mission will not be in a position to effectively fulfil its mandate or meet the tremendous expectations of Darfur's civilians with the meagre human and material resources currently in the mission area," Mr. Ban writes. "We need to...
    on Mar 30, 2006 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Harold Doan and Associates (press release)

  3. Andrea Rozario, director general of SHIP, said: "The reality is that declining levels of private pension provision and meagre State pension benefits will drive more people in this country to explore alternative ways to top up their income in later...
    on Mar 25, 2008 By: Andrea Source: Mortgage Solutions

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