masculinize masculinize


  1. (v) give a masculine appearance or character to
  2. (v) produce virilism in or cause to assume masculine characteristics, as through a hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy



  1. Twin A, he adds, is ambiguous because the number of cells carrying a male-determining chromosome was not high enough to masculinize the twin.
  2. Those destined to become males differentiate from the master template after a complex series of hormonal secretions starts to masculinize the embryo.


  • Journey between XX, XY: Getting closer to unravelling mystery of sexual ambiguity

    In both humans and mammals, sexual development is a long process. In most cases, the genetic sex (XX or XY) results in the development of the corresponding gonadal sex (ovaries or testes), which in turn secretes hormones that will masculinize or feminize the fetus. But throughout gonadal development, various accidents may occur, giving rise to a wide range of alterations and ambiguities ...
    on May 5, 2014     Source: Science Daily

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