lordly lordly


  1. (adj) of or befitting a lord
  2. (adj) having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy


  1. But they were vagabonds, getting by on good looks, lordly manners and copious spending.
  2. Connected with the main building of the American Museum of Natural History, this memorial is a vast hall which presents to the street a lordly Roman entrance arch.
  3. The lordly violin and its less illustrious relatives in the string family are in trouble.



  1. "The one thing you have to remember was the origin of the rivalry, which would be the Brooklyn Dodgers -- the hapless trolley Dodgers, the borough that elicited laughs whenever mentioned -- and the lordly pinstripers in the Bronx," said Scully,...
    on Jun 17, 2004 By: Vin Scully Source: AtlantaBraves.com

  2. "I think it's important that there's actually a name for eye gunk - mucopolysaccharide," Leyner said. "Let's share that information. But without striking a tone of lordly authority."
    on Sep 11, 2005 By: Mark Leyner Source: Nashua Telegraph

  3. Markham wrote, "When he fell, in whirlwind he went, as when a lordly cedar, green with boughs, goes with a great shout upon the hills and leaves a lonesome place against the sky".
    on Jul 5, 2008 By: Edwin Markham Source: YourHub.com

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