load-bearing load-bearing


  • (adj) capable of bearing a structural load


  1. The next step is for GM to use nanocomposites in car interiors and bumpers and eventually in load-bearing structural parts, such as vehicle frames.
  2. The real load-bearing steel is buried behind them in the flame-retarding concrete required by New York fire codes.
  3. No longer load-bearing, walls could become curtains of glass; interior partitions could fall where whim or esthetics wanted them.


  • Nano-Ceramic Grease is available in numerous package sizes.

    DayLube features nanoceramic particles acting as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. Available in 16 oz tubes, jars, and 1 and 5 gal containers, it is chemically inert, wear-resistant, and maintains viscosity across temperature range of -40°F to +800°F. Nanoceramic particles remain intact to 2,500°F. Product also has high load-bearing properties ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: ThomasNet


  1. Sir Stelios said: "There is obviously a large demand among the public for commercial, load-bearing vehicles on short-term hire and we are giving them great value and prices."
    on Jan 19, 2007 By: Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou Source: The Northern Echo

  2. Rumsfeld and his civilian aides "set in motion for five years a series of decisions that discredited Army leadership," McCaffrey said. "It strikes me as extremely unusual that the principal load-bearing institution of national defense is the...
    on Jun 9, 2007 By: Barry McCaffrey Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. The new scan showed the bone is knitting and manager Dave Jones said: "The bones have parted slightly, but they are not load-bearing bones and Gavin is feeling a lot better." "The x-rays yesterday showed the bones are knitting, although...
    on Sep 3, 2008 By: Dave Jones Source: WalesOnline

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