level-headed level-headed


  • (adj) exercising or showing good judgment


  1. In 1991 he married Jane Belson, a level-headed British barrister, but retained one obsession: making Hitchhiker into a movie.
  2. He appears level-headed and graceful in dealing with his notoriety, his good fortune and the high expectations.
  3. And indeed, more than once of late I've heard level-headed friends worry that this is all going to erupt into violence of some sort.


  • A Hawks fan in Boston

    The last time the Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup Final, in 2010, I went to Philadelphia, wore my Duncan Keith jersey and had my physical well-being threatened multiple times. So I decided to try it again, this time in Boston, for Saturday's Game 2. After all, Boston couldn't be worse than Philly, right? They seem like reasonable, level-headed people other than that time they started a war ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: RedEye


  1. "We're no closer to the end than they are," Bylsma said. "We have two more wins to get and we have a tall task going into a tough building against a very good team that's playing well. Hopefully, we keep that level-headed approach. Honestly,...
    on Jun 6, 2009 By: Dan Bylsma Source: NHL.com

  2. "Darren is in the same vein as Paul, Ryan Giggs and Wes Brown in that he is a long-serving member of the team," Ferguson said. "His consistency and level-headed approach is a great attribute and we are all delighted he has signed a new...
    on Oct 3, 2008 By: Sir Alex Ferguson Source: Times Online

  3. "The conditions were pretty tough out there, the windiest day of the week so far," said Querrey, who hit 15 aces. "I just tried to stay level-headed and keep my composure, and fortunately I got through it. I didn't set a round (to reach),...
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: Sam Querrey Source: The Associated Press

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