leathery leathery  /ˈlɛ ðə ri/


  • (adj) resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable



  1. This is a face-off between two men in weird masks: one in a leathery black item out of a dominatrix's pleasure chest, the other with a grin frozen into a rictus.
  2. One of the elders, a cheroot-smoking, leathery-skinned man in his 50s, suspects that the real leaders were three hard-line Karen named Rambo, Samoo and Subiya.
  3. Against them moved Prince Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta, a lank, leathery, 42-year-old veteran of Italy's colonial service.


  • Doc Talk: Protect against premature aging with sun protection, skin care

    Nothing gives away your age faster than wrinkles, age spots and leathery skin. Looking weather-beaten or older than you are can impact your self-esteem and the way you approach life. But, you can delay the appearance of aging by taking simple precautions.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Wichita Eagle


  • Then there are the Viperwolves, which Cameron describes as "hairless with shiny skin that looks like overlapped armor. Most disturbing are its paws, which are like leathery hands."
    on Dec 4, 2009 By: James Cameron Source: IESB.NET

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