lave lave  /ˈleɪv/


  1. (v) wash or flow against
  2. (v) cleanse (one's body) with soap and water
  3. (v) wash one's face and hands


Derived Word(s)


  1. A bucket and sponge were ready to lave the winner's wounds.
  2. Most of them lave left their families for a semi-monastic life of prayer and preaching in Cambridge.
  3. A-B-C Sirs: On account of the frequency with which South American affairs are ignored or involuntarily misrepresented in the North American press, I lave.


  • ‘Slave’ takes filmgoers on a harrowing, spiritual journey

    The second great film in two years about the abomination that was slavery in the United States, “12 Years a Slave” is, like much of Quentin Tarantino’s unacknowledged landmark “Django Unchained,” a harrowing, heart­breaking, stomach-churning experience.
    on October 25, 2013     Source: Boston Herald

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