launder launder  /ˈlɔn dər/


  1. (v) cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water
  2. (v) convert illegally obtained funds into legal ones


  1. Tax havens are coming under increasing pressure to clean up money laundering.
  2. But experts say the money-laundering allegations are more likely to stick.
  3. If the anti-money-laundering forces prevail, law-enforcement experts say, steps can be taken to crack down on terrorists' use of financial institutions.



    SEYMOUR -- Federal officials have indicted Seymour lawyer Ralph Crozier on charges he laundered $30,000 in drug money, according to a report published Monday by the Valley Independent Sentinel.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Connecticut Post

  2. Seymour Attorney Indicted On Federal Money Laundering Charges

    A criminal defense attorney based in Seymour has been indicted on charges that he helped launder drug trafficking proceeds, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced Monday.        
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Hartford Courant

  3. In Support of G8 Declaration GOPAC Calls on Legislators around the World to Bring Greater Transparency to Financial ...

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 24, 2013) - In line with the Lough Earn Declaration by G8 leaders, the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) is calling on legislators around the world to mount a coordinated international effort to fight money-laundering by bringing greater transparency to financial transactions.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Marketwire


  1. "To launder the money you have to use something that is quick and convenient," Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said at a news conference Monday. "And in this case, they used classic comic books."
    on Aug 25, 2009 By: John Suthers Source: CNN

  2. "No large scale fraud or corruption can succeed without a group of obliging, amoral and ambitious lawyers, ready to launder money in overseas bank accounts, ready to evade taxes, ready to cook the books, ready to set up companies with dubious...
    on Nov 29, 2007 By: Frank Bainimarama Source: Fiji Times

  3. "I wouldn't be talking campaign finance reform on one hand, and then on the other hand, doing 25,000 price of admission to funnel money - funnel money, launder money - into a Senate contest," Mr. Bruno said. "I think it's inappropriate, I...
    on Jan 17, 2007 By: Joseph Bruno Source: New York Times

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