lamination lamination


  1. (n) a layered structure
  2. (n) bonding thin sheets together


  1. The storm began on Monday night with a 45-mm lamination that transformed the landscape into a frigid fairy tale--with no happy ending.
  2. He saws, carves and chisels, but mostly he builds up his sculptures bit by bit by lamination.
  3. He achieved the thorough lamination of armature cores, and in 1889 greatly improved electric-lighting apparatus.


  • Discontinuous Lamination

    Lauren Manufacturing Develops In-House Discontinuous Lamination Technology for Extruded and Molded Products NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio – A leader in forward thinking and innovation, Lauren Manufacturing provides its customers with multiple options to laminate polymer products. For almost 50 years, Lauren Manufacturing has perfected continuous lamination processes for polymer products using ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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