kvass kvass


  • (n) fermented beverage resembling beer but made from rye or barley


  1. If you come to tell me that Italian macaroni is better than Russian kvass you don't show much eagerness to reach an agreement.
  2. He quits, plants himself by the table, sighs, and sets himself to his kvass.
  3. In addition, they like a thirst quencher called kvass, which is made from dark bread and has about the same color as Pepsibut tastes nothing like it at all.


  • California dreamin’ on such a winters day

    Konnor Kvass digs in the sand Friday, Jan. 24 at the Eastman Nature Center’s Winter Beach Party. (Sun staff photo by Megan Hopps)
    on January 31, 2014     Source: Dayton Press & News

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