knucks knucks


  • (n) a small metal weapon; worn over the knuckles on the back of the hand


  • Crump's cops shook them down nightly for pistols, Arkansas toothpicks, clubs, brass knucks, razors and ice picks.


  • How the Fist Bump Became Mainstream Enough for an Insurance Company

    There’s no agreement as to where the gesture originated. Some say on the basketball courts in the 1970s. Some point to the Wonder Twins . Others say the boxing ring where padded gloves made a handshake impossible. But however it got started, the fist bump (also known as “bones,” “dap,” “dogg,” “power five,” “quarter pounder,” “bust,” “box,” “bro fists,” “respect knuckles” or simply “knucks”) has ...
    on May 1, 2014     Source: AdWeek

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