kauri kauri


  1. (n) resin of the kauri trees of New Zealand; found usually as a fossil; also collected for making varnishes and linoleum
  2. (n) tall timber tree of New Zealand having white straight-grained wood
  3. (n) white close-grained wood of a tree of the genus Agathis especially Agathis australis


  1. In New Zealand kauri gum diggers are becoming impoverished.
  2. British settlers readily adopted Maori names for indigenous animals and plants, from kakapo birds to kauri pines.



    Mike Mertes, who operates his “In Stone Time” studio in Washburn, is donating a stone and kauri wood clock to the Art on the Bay live auction. Mertes gave the first edition of this clock to musician Pete Seeger in honor of his 90birthday. It is modeled after Seeger's Hudson River sloop “Clearwater.”
    on July 12, 2013     Source: The Ashland Daily Press


  • New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said: "A mighty kauri (tree) has fallen."
    on Aug 15, 2006 By: Helen Clark Source: BBC News

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