kashmiri kashmiri  /kæʃ ˈmi ri/


  1. (n) a member of the people of Kashmir
  2. (n) the official state language of Kashmir
  3. (adj) of or relating to or characteristic of Kashmir or its people or culture

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  • Kashmir's Rasool makes India's cricket squad

    Parvez Rasool on Friday became the first Kashmiri cricketer to be selected for India after he was named for a limited-overs series against Zimbabwe later this month.
    on July 5, 2013     Source: Fox News


  1. "Pakistan had a traumatic birth because the British left in such haste," Khan says in a low and measured voice. "Most of us blamed Mountbatten. He rushed it. As a result, the Kashmiri question wasn't resolved and there has been animosity with...
    on Aug 11, 2007 By: Imran Khan Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  2. "When you think of a Kashmiri girl in our movies, what comes to mind is a fair-skinned, light-eyed girl. But I want to disprove that myth. The pre-conceived notions have to be overcome," Bipasha, whose performance in Bachna Ae Haseeno got her...
    on Oct 21, 2008 By: Bipasha Basu Source: NDTV.com

  3. Musharraf said, "Pakistan stands in solidarity with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters and assures them of our full support in their just struggle for self-determination."
    on Feb 4, 2008 By: Pervez Musharraf Source: Hindu

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