kaoliang kaoliang


  • (n) sorghums of China and Manchuria having small white or brown grains (used for food) and dry pithy stalks (used for fodder, fuel and thatching)


  1. Along a battered railway in North Shansi, where the year's last tasseled kaoliang still stands unreaped, the biggest, bloodiest battle in a year of China's civil war has just ended.
  2. From the dense fields of kaoliang lining each side of the highway came a spatter of small-arms fire.
  3. On top of the hill we shook hands with General Li Mi in front of his headquartersa crude lean-to fashioned out of wooden poles covered with kaoliang stalks.

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  • "I think he was doubtful and kind of 'humored' by the idea," said Lien. "But nevertheless he gave me a bottle of kaoliang and signed his name on it with the date and gave it to me and said if I succeed, (I should) bring it back and we would...
    on Aug 24, 2008 By: Matthew Lien Source: Taipei Times

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