jowly jowly  /ˈdʒaʊ li/


  • (adj) having sagging folds of flesh beneath the chin or lower jaw



  1. But Leo Burnett, the jowly genius of the heartland subconscious, is the man most responsible for the blizzard of visual imagery that assaults us today.
  2. But for jowly Sinco, who loves to bet on anything, it was a good gamble.
  3. His eyes droop heavily behind glasses, and his jowly chin usually carries the shadow of a beard - making him look as though he just stepped off an overnight plane flight.


  • Only Unserious People Question Janet Yellen’s ‘Gravitas’

    With three finalists for the job of replacing Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve—three accomplished, gray-haired, jowly individuals in their upper 50s and beyond—why is only one said to be lacking “gravitas”?
    on August 2, 2013     Source: BusinessWeek


  1. Lowe, who has just turned 60, told an interviewer a couple of years ago: "I didn't want to become one of those thinning-haired, jowly old geezers who still does the same shtick they did when they were young, slim and beautiful. That's revolting and...
    on May 26, 2009 By: Nick Lowe Source: Independent

  2. For Americans who recognize Victoria only as the dour-looking monarch clad in black (or, as Ferguson describes, "grumpy, jowly, small, dark"), the movie will be an eye-opener.
    on Dec 17, 2009 By: Sarah Ferguson Source: Houston Chronicle

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