instantaneous instantaneous  /ˌɪn stən ˈtæ ni əs/


  • (adj) occurring with no delay


  1. In the process, it has provoked an instantaneous global backlash, the kind that can only happen on the Internet.
  2. Nirmala's conversion was neither instantaneous nor untraumatic.
  3. The fusion of television and satellites did not produce instantaneous brotherhood, just a slowly dawning awareness of the implications of a world transfixed by a single TV image.


  1. Watch water freeze instantly as it pours

    (Credit: Video screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia) Ever wanted to be a waterbender , or maybe Iceman (not to be confused with Mr. Cool Ice )? A trick to freeze water instantaneously won't actually make it so, but you'll feel pretty cool. YouTube user Grant Thompson of Random Weekend Projects has posted a video that shows how it's done. You need some bottles of purified water, a clock ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: CNET

  2. UO women struggle all day to take third

    The miscue was almost instantaneous, but it probably cost the Oregon women’s track and field team a precious point, and set the tone for a difficult day ahead. On an afternoon when the Ducks needed perfection in every event, they didn’t get it in any of them. Kansas’ strong final …
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Register-Guard


  1. President and CEO of Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM, the Maker of the BlackBerry, Lazaridis commented, "Being recognized by journalists : that's kind of unique. The instantaneous access to information, the instantaneous filing of information, the instant...
    on Jun 12, 2010 By: Mike Lazaridis Source: TopNews United States

  2. "We've known each other too long -- we know each other's families -- and it's just an instantaneous rhythm that sets in" when working on the movies, Pitt told Reuters. "And, of course, the movies themselves have never been high drama .........
    on May 24, 2007 By: Brad Pitt Source: Reuters South Africa

  3. Asked if Anaheim's offer was anywhere close to Edmonton's offer sheet, Burke said, "The answer is a clear and unequivocal and instantaneous no."
    on Jul 27, 2007 By: Brian Burke Source: USA Today

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