insecticide insecticide  /ɪn ˈsɛk tə ˌsaɪd/


  • (n) a chemical used to kill insects


  1. Reason: suspicions that much of a 200,000-metric-ton crop, perhaps 30% of a bumper harvest, contained the poisonous insecticide aldicarb.
  2. The PHS believes fish gradually concentrate the insecticide, which lodges in their fat.
  3. Insecticides The insecticide Imidacloprid injected into trees has shown some success at preventing infestation but is not effective against tunneled larva.


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  1. "This initiative will offer indoor residual spraying, and bed nets treated with long-lasting insecticide, to all people at risk, especially women and children in Africa," Ban said.
    on Apr 24, 2008 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Reuters

  2. "No longer should the safety and well-being of your family be based upon whether you are rich or poor," Kochi said in a statement. "When insecticide treated mosquito nets are easily available for every person, young or old, malaria is...
    on Aug 16, 2007 By: Dr Arata Kochi Source: Washington Post

  3. "Recent data also indicate encouraging improvements in many of the basic health interventions, such as early and exclusive breast feeding, measles immunization, vitamin A supplementation, the use of insecticide-treated nets to prevent malaria, and...
    on Sep 12, 2008 By: Ann M Veneman Source:

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