inharmonious inharmonious


  1. (adj) not in harmony
  2. (adj) lacking in harmony of parts


  1. Whistles, large bells and trumpets joined in one concerted, inharmonious, deafening din.
  2. Once more His Majesty's Indian subjects had shown themselves the most inharmonious group in the war-bound Empire.
  3. A Tarzan plot in reverse--a very smart ape on the loose in London--is the most promising of the novel's inharmonious elements.



  • Anticipating surprise at this combination of convictions Santayana added: "I think you would not find my two voices inharmonious (I agree that they are different in pitch) if you did not live in America in the 20th century."
    on Dec 26, 2008 By: George Santayana Source: Times Online

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