indefinable indefinable  /ɪn dɪ ˈfaɪ nə bəl/


  1. (adj) not capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words
  2. (adj) defying expression or description


  1. A place freer than the rest of the country, where elegance met an indefinable wildness to encourage the flowering of creative intelligence.
  2. To be middle class is of course a matter of income, education, lifestyle, attitude and an almost indefinable sense of wellbeing.
  3. The monster that men have worried was at the heart of their indefinable passion, of their indefensible sport, has come out in the flesh to be the champion of the world.


  • Nicki Minaj Posts Topless Photo On Twitter

    Nicki Minaj reminded her fans of her indefinable style on Wednesday when she decided to retweet a topless photo of herself, only preserving her modesty with her own hands. Minaj wanted to remind her followers of her looks, and decided to do so by showing them an old image of herself. The picture sees Minaj staring... Read more » Nicki Minaj Posts Topless Photo On Twitter is a post from: The ...
    on June 22, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr


  1. Mr Salmond said: "Bashir made history by being the first Scots Asian MSP therefore giving the Scottish Parliament something indefinable. He made it representative of the whole country for the first time. He was the kindest, most decent human being...
    on Feb 6, 2009 By: Alex Salmond Source: BBC News

  2. Urban says that when he met Nicole in January of 2005 "there was something, a good connection. Something indefinable. There was a familiarity to her, of course, but it had nothing to do with who she is professionally!You know, it was a different...
    on May 22, 2007 By: Keith Urban Source: China Daily

  3. "But I certainly wasn't making it for the American audience," Gross says. "It's really made for my own country. I guess it's just something that I wanted to do and, to some extent, these things became personal in almost an indefinable way. It...
    on Sep 5, 2008 By: Paul Gross Source: London Free Press

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