incorrupt incorrupt


  1. (adj) free of corruption or immorality
  2. (adj) free of corruption or immorality


  1. What they found was an incorrupt politician who worked hard, lived modestly and jogged six miles every day.
  2. Day later one of its Democratic members, Washington's Schwellenbach, telephoned Democratic headquarters with news of some incorrupt but exciting discoveries.
  3. Some people see them as nationalists and incorrupt -- but there is no reason to believe they have changed their brutal and absolutist policies.


  • The head of the anti-graft agency "must not only be clean and incorrupt, but must be seen and perceived to be clean and incorrupt if the ACA and the country's anti-corruption campaign is not to be reduced into a joke and a laughing-stock," Lim...
    on Mar 1, 2007 By: Lim Kit Siang Source: Bloomberg

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