inaccessible inaccessible  /ˌɪ nək ˈsɛ sə bəl/


  1. (adj) capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all
  2. (adj) not capable of being obtained


  1. Antarctica's Lake Bonney is an inaccessible place locked under 15 ft.
  2. Thinking that the orange must have rolled off somewhere inaccessible, Helen gave her another one.
  3. The rest is nonpotable ocean water or inaccessible freshwater, most of it frozen in polar caps.


  1. Public Works: Transit district honored for service

    Having a job in times of high unemployment is great; being able to get to your job is even better. Many Northern New Mexico residents are able to find and keep employment that otherwise would be inaccessible, thanks to the North Central Regional Transit District’s free buses connecting communities and pueblos in four counties. The transit district recently was honored for its service in this ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Santa Fe New Mexican

  2. Champaign's computer network to go down for upgrade

    Some city services and online features will be inaccessible this week as officials upgrade their computer network to fiber. CHAMPAIGN — Some city services and online features will be inaccessible this week as officials upgrade their computer network to fiber. The network will be down at all city facilities beginning at 7 a.m. Thursday and should remain that way until Monday. During the outage ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source:

  3. Video: Dark Sorcerer haunts Sony's PS4

    David Cage, the director of Quantic Dream, says that everything "looks great" on the PS4, simply because the next-gen console offers power that was totally inaccessible up until now. read more        
    on June 12, 2013     Source: TG Daily


  1. "We have received government permission to operate nine WFP (World Food Program) helicopters, which will allow us to reach areas that have so far been largely inaccessible," Ban told reporters in New York before departing on a trip to Myanmar.
    on May 21, 2006 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: 940 News

  2. House and presidential candidates file electronically, and "there is no excuse for keeping our own campaign finance information inaccessible to the public," said Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis.
    on Mar 14, 2007 By: Russ Feingold Source: Forbes

  3. "It was ridiculously difficult this afternoon with some of the pin positions we had. We were hitting 3-irons to flags that were completely inaccessible," Clarke said. "It takes all the fun away and the ability to shoot a good score away."
    on May 15, 2008 By: Darren Clarke Source: International Herald Tribune

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