impoverish impoverish  /ɪm ˈpɑv rɪʃ/


  1. (v) make poor
  2. (v) take away


  1. He proved, inasmuch as it can be proved, that free markets would not impoverish the poor but enrich them, would not ride roughshod over the downtrodden but would empower them.
  2. The trend toward joint custody can also impoverish an ex-wife, since the father puts his money toward maintaining a separate household for the kids, not toward supporting hers.
  3. What happens to the hope of a single child anywhere can enrich our world, or impoverish it.


  • Evil Capitalism At Work

    Capitalists are always praising the need to take risk, but when a bunch of vulture capitalists who make money running hedge funds tries to impoverish an entire nation, things are out of hand. And, these vulture capitalists are hoping that U.S. courts will back them up.
    on July 8, 2013     Source: National Catholic Reporter


  1. "Agricultural subsidies, phytosanitary rules and other non-tariff barriers remain significant obstacles to increased trade between Africa and the developed world. They distort markets and impoverish millions, thereby reducing the incentives for...
    on Mar 16, 2007 By: Trevor Manuel Source: Mail & Guardian Online

  2. "Something must be wrong. Have we turned into extortionists, self-centered people, no matter how much we impoverish the people? We must make a new beginning," Mugabe said.
    on Jul 31, 2008 By: Robert Mugabe Source: United Press International

  3. ...a working paper distributed during a trip to Cyprus in early June ahead of a Synod of Middle Eastern bishops set for October in the Vatican, the Pope said the disappearance of Christians "would impoverish the pluralism that has always...
    on Jun 27, 2010 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Independent Catholic News

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