impeccability impeccability


  1. (n) the quality of being without an error or fault
  2. (n) the quality of being exempt from sin or incapable of sinning


  1. Bird recalls Robertson's impeccability; Erving reprises Elgin Baylor's flamboyance.
  2. He whetted his blade, he whipped his lather, he wielded scissors, comb and brush to achieve the acme of tonsorial impeccability the masterpiece of a career.
  3. The church holds no binding political power over its members, nor does it enjoy impeccability in this sphere.


  • "Coco Chanel was the ultimate sophisticate and Karl is saying that grooming, glossing and impeccability are back," said Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's editor at large. "It both was elegant and youthful."
    on Dec 8, 2005 By: Andre Leon Talley Source: CBS News

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