ignominiously ignominiously


  • (adv) in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree


  1. When executives decided to serve shark-fin soup, a Hong Kong favorite, environmentalists howled and Disney ignominiously yanked it from the menu.
  2. Far from dying ignominiously as a Jew rejected by his nation, Jesus in effect died a patriot's death, a rebel-martyr for his people.
  3. The young American in the heat of the duel forgot this rule and when his opponent made a lunge at himhe ducked and was ignominiously expelled from the club.


  • Riderless Horses Win Not One But Two Races Wednesday [Video]

    Riderless horses win two different races on Wednesday, making it one of the crazier days in sports betting recently. As you will see in these videos, in two different races with two different horses at two different tracks, jockeys are ignominiously thrown off their mounts and left behind in the dirt as the feisty thoroughbreds... Read more » Riderless Horses Win Not One But Two Races Wednesday ...
    on June 28, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr


  • Archbishop Tutu pointed out that dictators and tyrants "bite the dust quite ignominiously" ultimately, and that the people who are most admired worldwide are those who strive for peace and justice.
    on Feb 19, 2009 By: Desmond Tutu Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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