ichthyologist ichthyologist


  • (n) a zoologist who studies fishes


  1. As every ichthyologist knows, certain fish seem to possess an acutely developed weather sense: e.
  2. The snail darter winsfor nowWork on the $116 million Tellico Dam across the Little Tennessee River was nearly finished in 1973 when an ichthyologist discovered the.
  3. Johannes Schmidt, Denmark's famed ichthyologist, had cruised 40,000 mi.


  1. New species of shark discovered off South Carolina coast

    A team of University of South Carolina researchers made a remarkable discovery: a rare new breed of hammerhead shark. The shark's outward features are indistinguishable from those of the common scalloped hammerhead, a kind of low profile that allowed it to go for so long without detection. It was dubbed, the Carolina hammerhead. South Carolina ichthyologist Joe Quattro, a USC biology professor ...
    on November 9, 2013     Source: KSBW Salinas

  2. Scientists Discover Carolina Hammerhead Shark Species By Accident

    April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Among biologists, discovering a new species is akin to hitting a grand slam. Joe Quattro , a University of South Carolina ichthyologist, led a team that recently cleared the bases. Quattro's team describes a rare shark, the Carolina hammerhead, in a paper published in the journal Zootaxa . The shark has long eluded discovery because it is ...
    on November 8, 2013     Source: redOrbit

  3. Hammerhead Shark Exciting Discovery: New Species Found Off South Carolina Coast

    A new species of hammerhead shark has been discovered by a team of scientists from the University of South Carolina, according to a report in Science Daily. The team leader, ichthyologist Joe Quattro, described finding this rare hammerhead in an article in the journal Zootaxa. The reason that it had long eluded discovery is because... Read more » Hammerhead Shark Exciting Discovery: New Species ...
    on November 8, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr

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