hypotension hypotension  /ˌhaɪ poʊ ˈtɛn ʃən/


  • (n) abnormally low blood pressure


  1. The sudden jolt induces symptoms of orthostatic hypotension.
  2. If Conrad comes through in better physical shape than Cooper, who is not wearing the cuffs, Berry may have the solution to orthostatic hypotension.
  3. Sir: While your writer was obviously suffering from hypertension, the astronauts were in danger of experiencing orthostatic hypotension, not, as you printed, hypertension.


  • FDA Advisory Panel Votes For Northera For A Second Time

    This week, an FDA advisory panel voted 16-1 in favor of Northera, a drug manufactured by Chelsea Therapeutics and used to treat Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension NOH - a rare form of low blood pressure. The disease is associated with neurological disorders including Parkinson’s disease and affects the patient only when they are in a standing position.
    on January 23, 2014     Source: BioresearchOnline


  • Doctors who treated Stoner, who turns 24 in two weeks, said their tests did show up "arterial hypotension and a lack of sodium, two anomalies which could be the principal factors" behind the weakness he complained of when taken ill.
    on Sep 29, 2009 By: Casey Stoner Source: AFP

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