humoring humoring


  • (n) the act of indulging or gratifying a desire



  1. A purposeful but ever-playful host, he stops in Tuscany to poke fun at notions of paradise, but not without criticizing the Tuscans for humoring us.
  2. Clever men understand this is mere humoring on the clever woman's part, but they like it.
  3. Anne Nagel, as the new school teacher, humoring Mickey Rooney.


  • NFC North chat alert

    You might or might not have questions here in the final full week of June. I will most certainly have answers to anything even tangentially related to the NFC North. Or, at least, I'll do everything in my power to create the illusion that I'm answering your question when, really, I'm just humoring you. That's the ticket. See you for our regular SportsNation chat at 2 p.m. ET.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: ESPN Blogs


  1. "We feel like we've made a huge effort to be reasonable, to propose things that are within the confines of the single-entity structure," Conrad said. "At this point they're not even humoring us with something tangible. If things stay where...
    on Feb 20, 2010 By: Jimmy Conrad Source: ESPN

  2. "I thought at the time they were humoring me by saying 'Oh sure, I'll do this,'" Beane said. "So the fact that they have and that they've enjoyed it is great."
    on Feb 28, 2008 By: Billy Beane Source: Inside Bay Area

  3. "There's no point in humoring them," says David Satter, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of the book "Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State."
    on Jan 15, 2009 By: David Satter Source: RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

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