hostelry hostelry


  • (n) a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers



  1. Late Thanksgiving afternoon in Seattle, a little Filipino named Julian Marcelino made his way to the Midway Hotel, small downtown hostelry.
  2. At the Al-Rashid Hotel, the famous hostelry with the snarling face of former President Bush set into the entryway floor, a 10-ft.
  3. From which famous hostelry, the Ritz-Carlton of Manhattan, or the Ritz of London, or the Ritz of Paris this word sprang is a question which philologists must decide.


  • Hotel Fredonia Closure

    With its Large Business of the Year award from 2012 still on display next to a guest book in the lobby, employees Haylie Musser, background left, Lucas Burrows and Chad Martin, help out at the front desk on Tuesday, one day after the announcement came of the closure of the historic hostelry in downtown Nacogdoches. Owner Susan Reents said the Nine Flags Bar will remain open for the time being ...
    on November 20, 2013     Source: The Daily Sentinel


  • Tony Leon responded: "Kadar Asmal is someone with whom you can - as I can attest - vehemently disagree across the floor of Parliament, but afterwards share a jaw and a jar, either in the parliamentary bar or at some other preferred hostelry."
    on Mar 1, 2008 By: Tony Leon Source: The Times

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