horseplay horseplay  /ˈhɔrs ˌpleɪ/


  • (n) rowdy or boisterous play


  1. As more kids flock to shopping centers, walkways get blocked, older customers jostled and strollers overturned amid the horseplay.
  2. Diversions included their own brand of Rabelaisian horseplay, drinking bouts, a couple of carnivals, acquaintance with many an odd character.
  3. And as they perspired through their nightly routine of horseplay.



  1. After the caution, Tarrant said: "I am very pleased the police have handled the matter so efficiently, recognising that there was never any malice on my part, just a bit of amiable horseplay. I am glad that no charge has been brought against me and...
    on May 25, 2007 By: Chris Tarrant Source: Sky News

  2. "During different times of the game, Vince might try to horseplay around and it's unfortunate what happened," said Peterson. "It wasn't anything where we were fighting or anything out there on the court. (The referee) didn't see what happened...
    on Jan 8, 2006 By: Morris Peterson Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. "No, no, because it was a freak accident," Edwards said. "It can happen. Guys horseplay all the time. Guys do things all the time and they don't get hurt. No, it's not that I wish I could have it back. It happened. It's no big deal."
    on Aug 29, 2008 By: Braylon Edwards Source: The Plain Dealer -

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