homogeny homogeny  /hoʊ ˈmɑ dʒə ni/


  • (n) (biology) similarity because of common evolution


  • Perhaps the small-brand upsurge reflects a backlash against the homogeny of the Gap-Starbucks culture.


  • Luxury hotels' quest for authenticity - Telegraph.co.uk

    Top-end hotels competing to provide the same degree of luxury risk creating a sense of homogeny - Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants, mosaiced spas and marble bathrooms are all well and good but with service, amenities and decor often standardised frequent travellers might sometimes need to question whether they're in Tokyo, Turin or Tulum. To provide a sense of distinction and lure ...
    on November 21, 2013     Source: Hospitality Net


  • "I made a connection with Superman in greatest part because there was a sense of homogeny to his looks in the comics for a long time," Ross says. "And I had been exposed to the earliest version of Superman when I was a kid, seeing some of the...
    on Jan 13, 2004 By: Alex Ross Source: Seattle Times

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