highfalutin highfalutin  /ˌhaɪ fə ˈlu tɪn/


  • (adj) affectedly genteel


  1. In the end, Ford execs decided to trash all the highfalutin marketing research, overrule the family and honor their fallen president.
  2. He won the 1999 National Book Critics Circle Award for Motherless Brooklyn, which is basically a hard-boiled mystery retrofitted with great writing and highfalutin themes.
  3. Moreover, most book readers seem to care more about what other book readers think than some highfalutin' critic.


  • Cronut Creator Dominique Ansel Isn’t a One-Pastry Chef

    Time in the pastry world can be divided into two distinct periods: Before the Cronut and In the Cronut Era. Before the Cronut, a hybrid treat created this past May by New York City-based patissier Dominique Ansel, consumers had to settle for the pedestrian doughnut, or the highfalutin’-but-somehow-unsatisfying croissant. By marrying these two standards, Ansel [...]
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Newsmakers via Yahoo! News


  1. "I want people to understand how film relates to the world around us, how storytelling in the film sense is accomplished and how, through film, we move ahead in our lives to some degree," Ganis explained. "I hope that's not too highfalutin',...
    on Nov 8, 2007 By: Sid Ganis Source: Guardian Unlimited

  2. "That's what so many people don't understand at all -- it's about telling a story," the Welsh-born Rhys-Davies said. "Nevermind the highfalutin film school crap about an auteur theory and all that nonsense. In the end, it's about people...
    on Dec 15, 2003 By: John Rhys-Davies Source: TheDenverChannel.com

  3. "Joyce would have loved it. Bloomsday isn't highfalutin', it isn't academic, it isn't reserved for a certain class of person," Quin says. "Ulysses is about ordinary people, ordinary lives, ordinary days."
    on Jun 27, 2010 By: James Quin Source: Ottawa Citizen

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