high-crowned high-crowned


  • (adj) (of a hat) having a high crown


  1. With enthusiasm they cheered him as he drove slowly along the coast, solidly British in his pin-striped business suit, his high-crowned black hat.
  2. The hat is a high-crowned mink job, which she made herself.
  3. Hats, when worn, will be high-crowned, narrow-brimmed.


  • Short people have lower IQs? A shortie takes umbrage

    That's me on the right, getting a little help in winter from my cousin Michael. I've long since given up wearing high-crowned hoods to be taller. (Credit: Leslie Katz/CNET) As a short person, I may have a lower IQ than my taller counterparts, at least according to one recent study. But I will attempt to harness the few brain cells I do have to try to make sense of researchers' claims about ...
    on March 5, 2014     Source: CNET

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