hevesy hevesy


  • (n) Hungarian chemist who studied radioisotopes and was one of the discoverers of the element hafnium (1885-1966)


  1. "John Hevesy has been promoted," Meyer said. "He has a title at Mississippi State. We were together eight years and he was a great coach, great friend, great husband, and a great father. We will do great hiring a new coach here."
    on Jan 11, 2009 By: Urban Meyer Source: Razorback Central

  2. "Saturday we got to meet all of the coaches," said Hurst. "Coach Mullen's son was born on Friday and he came from the hospital. I got to meet Coach Hevesy, the offensive line coach too."
    on Feb 16, 2009 By: James Hurst Source: SuperPrep.com

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