heathenish heathenish


  • (adj) not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam



  1. Of all the savage blacks who inhabit the Solomon Islands the Marovo Lagoon tribesmen were once considered the most heathenish, warlike, cannibalistic.
  2. Its establishment is to be achieved by the whole might of Germany's military power, which is impelled by the force of a heathenish religion of blood, despotism and war.
  3. East Prussia, is one of the most famous examples of the many castles of the former German orders, built here especially as a bulwark against the then heathenish East.


  • Civil War Timeline: Gen. Logan’s change 150 years ago

    In the decade before the Civil War, the Chicago Tribune did not have anything good to say about Egypt or John A. Logan. The paper seems to have believed and helped propagate the general opinion that the people of Egypt were “ignorant, disloyal, intemperate, and generally heathenish.”
    on August 11, 2013     Source: The Southern Illinoisan

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