heartiness heartiness


  1. (n) active strength of body or mind
  2. (n) the quality of hearty sincerity



  1. His voracious love of life and laughs had not failed, and he still eyed the world with the spurious heartiness of a man with an ace up his sleeve.
  2. A certain startling heartiness is traditional among the Kinsolvings.
  3. His bluntness and heartiness proceed from social unease.


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    Do you hate rats? If so, you're not going to like what Dr. Jan Zalasiewicz, a University of Leicester paleobiologist, has to say about the future of Earth. This week, Dr. Zalasiewicz reported on the heartiness—and ambitiousness—of rats , explaining how our rapidly changing planet is soon going to be filled with gigantic, super-evolved rodents. And, like most things that go wrong around here, it ...
    on February 5, 2014     Source: Gizmodo


  1. "I completely disagree," says Davies. "When I was an eight-year-old fan I could not have told you how old Sarah Jane was. Also, there's a heartiness, a boldness and a childlike glee to everything Catherine does. Kids love her. Her...
    on Apr 5, 2008 By: Russell T Davies Source: Independent

  2. "It is marvelously exhilarating to hear the Negro speak for himself," Taubman wrote, "especially when he does so in the fullness of his native gusto and the enveloping heartiness of his overflowing laughter."
    on Feb 5, 2005 By: Howard Taubman Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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