hastings hastings  /ˈheɪ stɪŋz/


  1. (n) United States architect who formed and important architectural firm with John Merven Carrere (1860-1929)
  2. (n) a town in East Sussex just to the south of the place where the battle of Hastings took place
  3. (n) the decisive battle in which William the Conqueror (duke of Normandy) defeated the Saxons under Harold II (1066) and thus left England open for the Norman Conquest



  1. Rep. Hastings calls for pro-energy bill passage in House

    WASHINGTON, June 13 (UPI) -- U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., hailed the approval of three bills by the House Natural Resources Committee as vital to ensuring U.S. energy security.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: UPI

  2. Hastings Tile & Bath Taps Luxury Marketing

    Hastings Tile & Bath recently entered into an agreement with Luxury Marketing, Inc. to represent the entire Vola Line in the New York City area.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Kitchen and Bath Business

  3. Hastings offers $8M and land for Neb. vets home

    Hastings is offering more than $8 million as part of its bid to secure a new Nebraska veterans home, a state project that's expected to generate high-paying jobs and other economic benefits.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: KGWN-TV Cheyenne

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  1. In his dissent, Justice Samuel Alito said, "Brushing aside inconvenient precedent, the (majority) arms public educational institutions with a handy weapon for suppressing the speech of unpopular groups - groups to which, as Hastings candidly puts...
    on Jul 7, 2010 By: Samuel Alito Source: Allentown Morning Call

  2. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg wrote for the majority stating "In requiring CLS - in common with all other student organizations - to choose between welcoming all students and forgoing the benefits of official recognition, we hold, Hastings did not...
    on Jun 28, 2010 By: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Source: Lez Get Real

  3. "Alcee Hastings has always placed national security as his highest priority," Pelosi said in a statement. "He has served our country well, and I have full confidence that he will continue to do so."
    on Nov 28, 2006 By: Nancy Pelosi Source: CNN

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