harpy harpy


  1. (n) a malicious woman with a fierce temper
  2. (n) (Greek mythology) vicious winged monster; often depicted as a bird with the head of a woman
  3. (n) any of various fruit bats of the genus Nyctimene distinguished by nostrils drawn out into diverging tubes
  4. (n) large black-and-white crested eagle of tropical America


  1. And, incidentally, she rescues Johnny Cash from his demons without becoming a harpy or an implausibly redemptive angel.
  2. Both proffered an amiable, spotless husband married to a woman more harpy than human.


  • Of Human Bondage: Kino Classics Remastered Edition (Blu-ray)

    Highly Recommended Note: images do not reflect the contents of the Of Human Bondage Blu-Ray. The Movie: There have been a few film adaptations made from Of Human Bondage , W. Somerset Maugham's 1915 novel of a destined-to-fail dalliance between a sensitive club-footed young man and an alluring but manipulative harpy. Of the three Hollywood versions, the 1934 RKO production starring Bette Davis ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: DVD Talk

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