harpsichordist harpsichordist


  • (n) someone who plays the harpsichord


  1. There are, perhaps forgivably, some dancers who eventually come to view the show about as charitably as a harpsichordist girding for his umpty-umpth Messiah.
  2. Agnes Moorehead in a program about Wanda Landowska, the harpsichordist.


  • Echoes of Folly at Early Music Fringe Events

    Short concerts by Mylène Bélanger, a harpsichordist, and the Sebastians, an instrumental group, were a chance to catch up with some young, rising stars.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: New York Times


  • "I'm very happy that 'Side by Side' originated from Toronto. My friend Marilyn of Marilyn Gilbert's Arts Management asked Joanne Kong-a very gifted pianist and harpsichordist on her roster -- if she could find sponsors for a new work from me. Well,...
    on Apr 20, 2008 By: Michael Colgrass Source: TheBulletin.ca

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