haphazardness haphazardness


  • (n) the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan


  • In part, he says, this haphazardness is by design.


  • As the Worm Turns: A Designer's Concept of What Muni Could Be

    Derek Kim sees chaos and he must instill order. He sees sloppiness and he needs to organize it. He sees haphazardness and he has to bestow regularity. He sees Muni — and he's gotta change everything . So he did. Kim is on the shorter side, with jet black hair pulled ba...
    on February 5, 2014     Source: SF Weekly


  • "It was one of the most daunting experiences of my life, because everything could have come differently if I wouldn't have been concentrating on what was said. I think it's scary, this haphazardness of life. I could have been distracted on that...
    on Feb 18, 2010 By: Leonardo DiCaprio Source: Indian Express

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